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Aspirin a day may push death away, says new study
Aspirin a day may push death away, says new study

New recommendations on daily aspirin use will likely stir the pot in the ongoing aspirin debate. The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force published a final recommendation statement on Monday saying that taking an aspirin a day might help prevent cardiovascular disease and colon cancer.
The task force found that people ages 50 to 59 who have an increased risk for cardiovascular disease can lower their risk for heart attacks, stroke and colon cancer by taking an aspirin a day. They also found that those ages 60 to 69 can benefit as well, but should discuss the treatment with their health care provider first. They concluded there is not enough evidence to determine the benefits and harms of aspirin use in people younger than 50 or older than 69.

"These new findings from the task force provide a good evidence-based approach for managing a disease with therapy that has risks," said Dr. Biswajit Kar, medical division chief at the Center for Advanced Heart Failure at Memorial Hermann Heart and Vascular Institute-Texas Medical Center. "Low-dose aspirin therapy has many proven benefits, including preventing heart attacks, strokes, and colorectal cancer."
This is the first time the task force has issued a recommendation on aspirin to prevent both cardiovascular disease and colon cancer for those age ranges.

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