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The Countdown Show, Every Friday

Weekly Charts for the week of June 20 – 24, 2022:





  1. Economy/National Mood

  2. Partisan Politics/Primaries

  3. January 6 Committee

  4. COVID-19

  5. Crime/Violence/Guns

  6. Race Relations/Civil Rights

  7. Abortion Rights

  8. Russia-Ukraine War/U.S. Foreign Affairs

  9. Social Media/Big Tech

  10. Climate Change




  1. Joe Biden

  2. Donald Trump

  3. Jerome Powell

  4. Katie Britt/Mo Brooks

  5. Kevin McCarthy

  6. Mike Pence

  7. Ron DeSantis

  8. Kamala Harris

  9. Elon Musk

  10. Vladimir Putin


Helping Ukraine


*A message from Doug Stephan. Not supported by all members of the Good Day Radio Show.

Write in, tell #46 we must be self sufficient. Wake him  to reality today don’t wait the USA  needs all of us to say enough of this nonsense.




Why are we buying fuel from Russia when we in the USA can drill all we need in USA. White House link below tell #46 in the White House to open all drilling sites that need permits plus build the KeyStone pipeline enough is enough with enriching Russia and all our enemies! USA  must become self sufficient we need to be a net exporter not an importer!


Drill, drill, drill take away our enemies source of cash  to fund armies, weapons, terrorism.


Important to do this to Save the USA ! Benefit to USA  Prices at the ️ Pump will come down.


White House contact link: https://www.whitehouse.gov/contact/