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Learn How The Upcoming Venus Retrograde Will Affect Your Love Life On #YourHiddenPower

Host Doug Stephan welcomes Poet, Mystic, Guide and Author Deidre Hade . Deirdre first began to see energy at a very early age, but not until her mother, scientist and poet Katherine Blumer Hade, was diagnosed with advanced breast cancer did Deirdre, at sixteen, begin to understand why. Together, the two women began developing a method of healing work based on divine light. This led her mother to live thirteen years longer than expected. In 2004 Deirdre founded Radiance Healing and Radiance Meditation as a form of energy healing mystical wisdom based on the Kabbalah’s Tree of Life. Next, our weekly visits with Mystifier Uri Geller , Psychic Scout Mary O'Maley and Astrologer Maria Francesca TriliegI who explains what the upcoming Venus Retrograde can mean to you. Catch it here:

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