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Counting Down What America is Talking About...

Doug Stephan, who is also a dairy farmer, joined Michael Harrison's podcast to chat about factors influencing the production and distribution of food in the U.S.

Here are the TOP TEN Stories and People in the news 

for the week of February 19 - 23, 2024:

 *Charted by Talkers Magazine





1.      Russia-Ukraine War/Navalny Death

2.      Presidential Race

3.      Trump Legal Battles/Willis Misconduct Case

4.      U.S. Migrant Crisis

5.      Israel-Hamas War/U.S.-Iran Tensions

6.      Alabama Embryo Ruling

7.      Chinese Hacker Threats

8.      The Economy/Inflation

9.      Biden Impeachment Inquiry/Smirnov Case

10.  California Floods





1.      Joe Biden

2.      Donald Trump

3.      Vladimir Putin

4.      Alexei Navalny

5.      Nikki Haley

6.      Fani Willis

7.      Benjamin Netanyahu

8.      Mike Johnson

9.      Tucker Carlson

10.   Hunter Biden/Alexander Smirnov

Image by Ameer Basheer


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