Counting Down What America is Talking About...

The Top Stories and People in the News

January 10 - 14:


  1. COVID-19 Omicron Variant, Vaccines, Masks, Mandates and School Closings

  2. Economy/Inflation/Supply Chain/Labor Shortage

  3. January 6 Investigation/2022 Midterm Elections

  4. Voter Legislation/Race Relations

  5. Crime & Violence/Police Funding

  6. U.S.-China-Russia Relations

  7. Social Media Free Speech and Privacy

  8. Winter Weather/Climate Change

  9. Prince Andrew Scandal

  10. Celebrity Deaths/NFL Playoff Picture


  1. Joe Biden

  2. Dr. Anthony Fauci

  3. Rand Paul/Roger Marshall

  4. Kevin McCarthy

  5. Hillary Clinton

  6. Mitch McConnell

  7. Chuck Schumer/Nancy Pelosi

  8. Prince Andrew

  9. Boris Johnson

  10. Bob Saget/Ronnie Spector

Doug Stephan, who is also a dairy farmer, joined Michael Harrison's podcast to chat about factors influencing the production and distribution of food in the U.S.