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Counting Down What America is Talking About...

Here are the top news/talk stories and people for the week of May 22- 26:

From Talkers Magazine, here are this week's top stories and people in the news everyone has been discussing...






  1. DeSantis’ White House Bid

  2. Debt Ceiling

  3. Trump’s Legal Battles

  4. AM in Cars Issue

  5. Hunter Biden Investigation

  6. Target Pulls LGBTQ Merch

  7. Russia-Ukraine War

  8. Chinese Hackers

  9. Social Media/AI Warnings

  10. Tina Turner Dies




  1. Joe Biden

  2. Kevin McCarthy

  3. Ron DeSantis

  4. Donald Trump

  5. Merrick Garland/Jack Smith

  6. Jim Farley

  7. Hunter Biden/Gary Shapley

  8. Elon Musk

  9. Vladimir Putin

  10. Tina Turner

Doug Stephan, who is also a dairy farmer, joined Michael Harrison's podcast to chat about factors influencing the production and distribution of food in the U.S.
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