Counting Down What America is Talking About...

The tops stories
and people in the news

September 20 - 24



1. COVID-19 Boosters, Vaccines, Masks, Mandates & Politics
2. UN Meeting/U.S.-France Relations
3. Economy/Biden Budget
4. Immigration/Afghanistan/Haiti
5. U.S.-China Relations
6. Climate Change
7. Abortion/Voting Rights
8. January 6 Investigation/Trump Election Fraud Claims
9. Facebook and Social Media Issues
10. Race Relations/Gabby Petito Case





1. Joe Biden
2. Dr. Tony Fauci
3. Emmanuel Macron
4. Chuck Schumer
5. Janet Yellen
6. Nancy Pelosi
7. Donald Trump
8. Ron DeSantis/Greg Abbott
9. Xi Jinping
10. Gabby Petito/Brian Laundrie

Doug Stephan, who is also a dairy farmer, joined Michael Harrison's podcast to chat about factors influencing the production and distribution of food in the U.S.