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FDA rules breast implants are A-OK, American Airlines raises price of wine, Amazon increases wages

It’s another episode of the DJV podcast with Doug, Jen, Victoria and Cara and we start off with some big news from California - a new bill is helping make sexual harassment in the workplace more visible, by forbidding secret settlements by employers. New winners of the Nobel Prize in Medicine have been announced, and they’re Americans who are coming up with amazing new solutions to eliminate cancer. A new rule on American Airlines is upping the price of alcoholic beverages on each flight, the FDA has ruled that Silicone breast implants are A-OK,  and Russian Trolls are at it again - this time, trying to take down the movie industry in the US. Southern California is getting pounded with rain the week, and the gang wraps it up with a lively debate about Amazon, who’s increasing the minimum wage to $15 for all of their employees.

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