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The Christmas Wish from The DJV Show

We want to giveaway $1,000 for a family in need. This giveaway is open to any family in need of the $1,000 donation.

Here is how it works . . .

One family, or person, nominates another family to receive $1,000 from The DJV Show. The family in need, needs to have a nominating family enter via the submission form below, providing the story of why the nominated family needs the $1,000.


Submissions will be selected at-random, to be read on the air, and then are considered as a qualifier to win the $1,000.


Doug Stephan, Jennifer Horn, Victoria Keelan and Jai Kershner will collaborate and vote on each submission to determine who receives the $1,000.

*This is NOT a contest

The Christmas Wish

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