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Here are the TOP TEN Stories and People in the news 

for the week of February 26 - March 1, 2024:

 *Charted by Talkers Magazine





1.      Trump Legal Battles

2.      Presidential Race

3.      U.S. Migrant Crisis

4.      Alabama Embryo Ruling

5.      McConnell to Exit Leadership

6.      Biden Impeachment Inquiry

7.      Israel-Gaza War

8.      Russia-Ukraine War

9.      SCOTUS Social Media Case

10.    Texas Wildfires




1.      Donald Trump

2.      Joe Biden

3.      Nikki Haley

4.      Fani Willis/Nathan Wade

5.      Laken Riley

6.      Mitch McConnell

7.      Hunter Biden

8.      Mike Johnson

9.      Benjamin Netanyahu

10.    Vladimir Putin/Yulia Navalnaya

Image by Ameer Basheer


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