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Good Day Networks Adds 21 Stations

Good Day Networks announces 21 additional stations to the lineup for “Good Day with Doug Stephan and Jai Kershner.”


New stations picking up the Stephan shows, such as the daily talk and entertainment program hosted by Stephan and Kershner, include WPRR-AM - Bradenton, FL, KREI-AM - Farmington, MO, KSWM-AM - Aurora, MO, KKTX-AM - Corpus Christi, TX, KLOO-AM/FM - Corvallis, OR, WWNR-AM/FM Beckley, WV - WIZM-AM/FM - La Cross, WI, KSYL-AM/FM - Alexandria, LA - KCLV-AM - Clovis, NM - KNUA-AM/FM - Salina, KS - KOFI-AM/FM - Kalispell, MT - WZNU-AM/FM - St George, UT -WGEZ-AM/FM - Kalispell, MT.


The Good Day Show, a part of the USA Radio network, is built as a morning show that can be time-shifted for use on all dayparts.

Here are the top news/talk stories and people for the week of November 20 - 24:

From Talkers Magazine, here are this week's top stories and people in the news everyone has been discussing...




1.      Israel-Hamas War-Hostage Negotiations

2.      Protests/Anti-Semitism/Musk Sues Media Matters

3.      Trump Legal Battles-Gag Order

4.      2024 Presidential Race

5.      Altman-OpenAI Controversy

6.      U.S. Migrant Crisis

7.      Voting Rights Act Ruling

8.      Thanksgiving Weekend/JFK Assassination Anniversary

9.      China-U.S. Relations

10.  Rosalynn Carter Dies







1.      Joe Biden

2.      Benjamin Netanyahu

3.      Elon Musk

4.      Donald Trump

5.      Arthur Engoron/Jeffrey McConney

6.      Nikki Haley/Ron DeSantis

7.      Sam Altman

8.      Mike Johnson

9.      Xi Jinping

10.  Rosalynn Carter





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Image by Ameer Basheer


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