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CBS rejects another ad
CBS rejects another ad

CBS has rejected another Super Bowl ad, this time for telling viewers to "Go to Hell."

The trailer for the epic Electronic Arts' game "Dante's Inferno" contains plenty of scenes of a warrior fighting beasts in the netherworld. But it was the game's widely used marketing tagline that had CBS seeing red.

The commercial will still air, only with the tagline "Hell Awaits" instead.

The verdict follows CBS' controversial decisions to air a pro-life ad from conservative group Focus on the Family during the big game, and to reject an ad from a gay dating site that showed two men making out.
What's a better value: spending $3 million plus production costs to air a 30-second ad during the Super Bowl or saving that $3 million when standards and practices lawyers at CBS reject the ad and everyone talks about the commercial anyway?

We're sensing that this year's most effective use of "ambush marketing" once again involves submitting an ad that's too racy for television. Ever since CBS raised eyebrows for its decision to run a pro-life commercial starring Tim Tebow, all those commercials not making the cut have been getting a good amount of buzz. At this rate, networks that televise the Super Bowl in the future may need to impose greater application fees and deposits so advertisers don't abuse the process to score cheap publicity.

Here are some of the ads that have been rejected this year by CBS:
An ad for gay-dating website Mancrunch. The rejection by CBS Standards and Practices has raised some concern over whether CBS cares too much about homosexuality, but we can't say we're too impressed with the thought and production put into this spot. Did Mancrunch really intend to run this commercial? An ad for domain registration Web site Go Daddy. Company CEO Bob Parsons says he was told by the network the ad was rejected because it could be "offensive to a certain class of people." Go Daddy has successfully aired racy spots during past Super Bowls, and the production of this "Lola" commercial starring Danica Patrick isn't shabby, so both parties may have been sincere.

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