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Listener Comments

Buzz Ullrich

Thanks for many years of great broadcasting and for bringing so many of us thought provoking programming.


Bridget Arent

I really like the format of the show.


Linda Ruben J Espinoza

God bless you always. LOVE your show.


Laur Frances

We listen to you every day, which brings joy and I’m always looking forward to hearing new things I would have never known. Most of all, I love hearing your stories when it comes to history or farming, they are the best.


Kathy Sipes

Enjoy listening every morning


Mark Moody

Listen every morning on the way into work


Kerry Morgan

Y'all were my morning wake-up routine when I was deployed overseas, I still love this show and listen whenever I can.



“Doug has the quintessential news talk morning show. 

He figured out a long time ago that listeners don’t want to wake up and listen to people fighting. It's a great show!”

– John McConnell, EVP Workhouse Media


“Good Day. It’s the radio show that lives up to its


Mike Miller, GM KTLR AM/FM Oklahoma City

“'Good Day' is a perfect fit for the station. It has just the right balance of news and lifestyle information for the morning timeslot. And, Doug is a great host who ties it all together."

 Larry Fuss, Delta Radio Networks

“Talk Radio that’s cheerful. What a concept. Good Day … Good Show. Just listen, you can even see the smiles.”

– Holland Cooke, Media Consultant/News Talk Specialist

Advertiser Comments

"Doug does such a wonderful job as an endorser of our product.  Everyone who calls raves about how much they love and trust him so his word goes really far.  If you know him, you know he wouldn't endorse something that he didn't believe in and has his listeners' needs forefront in his directive. We have had our partnership with Doug for several years now and will continue to  partner with him for many more."

Elizabeth Miller, Calotren

“We knew exactly when Doug aired a spot.  We not only received customers and callers the first week of advertising, but we also heard them the first day.  I haven’t seen that happen before.  It’s been almost a year since we started, and we have already booked all of 2024!” 

Les Williams, Club Rove

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