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The Doug Stephan Show - 04/16/2014
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Good Day
Hour 1: Doug, Rich and Ken talked about the latest on the Oscar Pistorious trial. We also presented a brand new Dream Big America! And we talked about Tesla cars. Plus, we talked about Lewis Black's comments about possible presidential candidates!
Hour 2: Doug, Rich, Roberta and Ken were joined by fitness expert Andrea Metcalf to talk about the Boston Marathon. We also talked about a teenager Tweeting a threat to American Airlines. Dr. Ron Hoffman stopped by to talk about dealing with stress after Tax Day. And tech expert Gregg Stebben joined us to talk about a new kind of surveillance the police may be using to track everything, including you!
Hour 3: Doug and Ken talked about all the news media hype over this year's Boston Marathon. We also reviewed last night's "The Voice" and heard from the Late Night Comedians. And we talked about the standoff with the Nevada Rancher and the Bureau of Land Management. Steven J.J. Weisman joined us to talk about the attempted political career of the Kansas shooter. And we talked about Google Chrome's new extension that could keep you spoiler-free!
Hour 4: Doug, Roberta, Rich and Ken talked about the rescue mission going on for the ship that sank off the coast of South Korea. We also talked about the news media over-coverage of the upcoming Boston Marathon. The Queen of Cheap had deals for you. And we talked about Courtney Love's comments about Bruce Springsteen. Plus, we talked about the economic problems hitting China. And Warren Eckstein joined us to talk about Miley Cyrus and when to get a new pet when your pet passes away.
Hour 5: Doug, Roberta, Rich and Ken talked about the latest on Russia and Ukraine. We also reviewed last night's "The Voice". And Howie Mandel stopped by to talk about "Deal With It". Plus, Chuck Curry joined us with news about the next "Fast And Furious"!
Hour 6: Doug, Rich and Ken talked about the President commuting a prison sentence because of a typo. And we talked about the search for the Malaysian plane. We also listened to an amazing mash-up featuring John Lennon and Paul McCartney. And Uri Geller joined us to talk about Synchronicity!
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Howie Mandel - Deal With It
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