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The Doug Stephan Show - 09/16/2014
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Good Day
Hour 1: Doug, Rich and Ken talked about the vote in Scotland, coming up later this week. We also talked about ISIS and what the plan should be. And we continued our One Hit Wonder contest. We also talked about Ray Rice, the NFL and domestic abuse. And we talked about Luke Perry going to the new CSI spin-off.
Hour 2: Doug, Rich and Ken talked about the Oscar Pistorious verdict with Steve Weisman. We also talked about Kanye West. Plus we talked about the Ebola outbreak. Dr. Ken Kronhaus joined us to talk about the Enterovirus. And we ran down the winners and losers at the box office over the weekend!
Hour 3: Doug, Jennifer and Ken talked about Scotland and the U.K. And we talked about the numbers coming in on the new U2 album. We also heard from the Late Night Comedians. Plus, we talked about Hurricane Odile hitting Baja California. And we talked about Switzerland extending an invitation to Edward Snowden. And Shelly Palmer weighed in on Apple's new iPhone!
Hour 4: Doug, Jennifer, Rich and Ken talked about Iran and ISIS. We also talked about Scotland with a caller from the Netherlands for a European perspective. And we continued our One Hit Wonder contest. Plus, we talked about Urban Outfitters disgusting Kent State shirt. Jennifer had TV ratings news about Miss America. And Laurett Ellsworth joined us to help with the RAFT strategy.
Hour 5: Doug, Jennifer, Rich and Ken talked about the militarization of police...and of our schools! Dr. Tracy Kemble joined us for conversation about Ray Rice, the NFL and domestic abuse. And we talked about the anniversary of the Star Spangled Banner. We also talked about China opening a "Texting" lane for pedestrians.
Hour 6: Doug teams up with Akos Jankura 'The Solutionist' and John Cremeans 'The Doctor of Shopology' from My Cool Inventions Radio in a search for America's Top Invention!
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Laurett Ellsworth - Raft Strategy
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Dr. Tracy Kemble - Ray Rice, the NFL and Domestic Abuse
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