Your Hidden Power

A show about discovering the metaphysical and increasing your own intuitive abilities.
Nationally syndicated radio host, Doug Stephan, and co-host, Laura Banks, talk weekly with mediums, astrologers, intuitives, life coaches and others with special gifts . . . all with a focus on developing your own special powers to enhance your life and discover your purpose.


This incredible video from Gunhill Road features Doug's Talk Radio Countdown co-host Michael Harrison.


*Did you know, before joining Gunhill Road as a songwriter & vocalist in 2020 and counting down the biggest stories and people in the news with Doug Stephan, he was a successful rock jock in the ‘60s & ‘70s?


This is the spoken word video, featuring Michael, who wrote these lyrics he’s speaking!!


You can watch the same video along with the sung version HERE.


Oh, and check out at familiar face at the 2:54 mark.

Meet the Team


Doug Stephan, Host

Doug Stephan is an American radio talk show personality and hosts the nationally syndicated Doug Stephan's Good Day and Your Hidden Power and other shows for Radio America.

Doug Stephan's Good Day is a "call-in" and interview show airing live Monday through Saturday featuring a fast paced format covering variety of topics.


Your Hidden Power Show with Doug Stephan and Laura Banks takes a deep dive into the the world of astrology, mysticism and psychic phenomena. Uri Geller is a regular guest along with the top authors on well-being and mental wellness from around the world. Your Hidden Power is heard on over eighty traditional radio stations and podcast format below.

Doug Stephan began his career in radio as a deejay in the early 1960s in Tiffin, Ohio and thereafter decided to become a talk radio show host. He broadcasts from his home in Framingham, Massachusetts, where he operates a dairy farm.


Laura Banks, Co-Host

Laura Banks is a best-selling author, television host and star of stage and screen.


Stage work began at the Comedy Store in San Diego as an improv player with Whoopi Goldberg. Three starring roles in action films followed with Roger Corman. She then penned four books with her second book, Breaking the Rules, hitting the USA Today Bestseller List selling over 250,000 copies nationwide. As a best-selling author, television and radio tours followed with appearances on ABC World News, MSNBC, SyFy and GoodDayNY and more.


For ten years she was on-air talent with Dick Clark’s United Stations Radio Networks, and was also the voice of the NBA. Laura is also a world class astrologer with her most recent work as a reader at Universal Studios and as a columnist at


Mary O'Maley, Weekly Guest

Mary holds an MS in Holistic Health Science and is a Certified Hypnotherapist and Hypnotherapy Instructor with International Hypnosis Federation (IHF).  An IHF Award of Excellence recipient, Mary specializes in Past Life Regression and is honored to be on the board of Past Life Research Institute. (PLRInstitute)

Her metaphysical studies allowed her to reignite her psychic and Mediumship gifts.  Mary shares these gifts with online gallery readings and individual sessions and is a Tested and Certified member of Best American Psychics.

Mary also discovered the magic of energy healing and is the creator of the Soul Scouting Soul Retrieval system.

Mary is the co-author of the book, Your Soaring Phoenix, and a contributing author in 365 Days of Angel Prayers and several other books and publications.

Uri Gellar, Weekly Guest

Uri has been studied by the world's leading scientists, including a number who worked with Albert Einstein.


He has been called on by the FBI and the CIA, from using Mind Power to erase KGB computer files and track serial killers.


For decades this aspect of his career was too confidential and controversial to discuss.​​