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Chuck Curry

Every Weekday at 8:50 am EST

Chuck's World: it's a strange and mysterious place filled with the laughter of small children, the Poseidon Adventure running on a continuous loop and a vast collec16tion of zombie movies. Chuck's movie commentary has been heard on nationally syndicated talk radio program, Doug Stephan's Good Day, every weekday morning at 8:50am EST since 1994. 

Dr. Jack Stockwell

Every Tuesday at 7:55 am EST

Dr. Jack Stockwell is a NUCCA Board Certified Doctor, one of only 27 on the Planet! He is also a GAPS Certified Practitioner, and a National Radio Talk Show Host. His practice and success are based on his painless, effective, and lasting results, the amazing team behind him, and through his relentless research to learn all he can to make sure patients are receiving the absolute best.

Warren Eckstein

Every weekday at 6:28 am and Wednesdays at 7:55 am EST

Warren Eckstein is an internationally known pet and animal expert. Warren developed his unique approach for understanding animal behavior by combining different techniques learned and observed while working in Southeast Asia and Europe.

Tom Kraeutler

Every Monday at 7:50 am EST
Get expert home improvement tips from nationally syndicated radio hosts Tom Kraeutler of The Money Pit.

Dr. Ken Kronhaus

Every Thursday at 7:55 am EST

Dr. Ken Kronhaus is a trained medical scientist & has been practicing cardiology for more than 20 years. He served as a trainee in the Medical Scientist Training Program at UPenn, obtaining an M.D. & Ph.D. in Cardiovascular Physiology, & was awarded the American Heart Assoc. postdoctoral research fellowship.

Nik Miles

Monday through Friday at 8:28 am and Fridays at 7:55 am.

Nik Miles is one of the Top 50 Auto Journalists in the world, and can be seen on NBC Sports, Fox Sports, CNN, and Fox Morning News TV shows as well as local stations in New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles.

Miles test drives over 150 of the latest models every year and travels the entire world to attend car events from London to Tokyo and Paris to British Columbia.

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