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Queen of Cheap
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10 Tips For Shopping At A Thrift Store
10 Tips For Shopping At A Thrift Store
February 26, 2012


Save money, get unusual stuff, and have fun. Where can you do all that? At a thrift store!!

Here are 10 tips that can help you better shop at a thrift store:

1) Show up on stocking days: Many thrift stores have a particular day of the week that they put out new merchandise. Find out what that day is, and show up then to get first pick of the latest deals.

2) Search for quality: This is especially true with clothing. Know your name Brands, and keep your eyes open for items you know are of good quality.

3) Make a list: Even though impulse buying at the thrift store is probably not as bad as when you are paying full price on an impulse purchase, those little surprises can add up. Then again, you never know what you might find!!

4) Return until you find what you want: Check back over time, looking for what you want. Changes are that, eventually, you will find what you are looking for.

5) Watch for sales: Even thrift stores have sales. Some offer "fill a bag" promotions, "clearance" sales at the end of the season and other sales. T

6) Shop during the week: Weekend shoppers are out in force from Friday evening until Sunday evening. Avoid the crowds (and avoid competition for the best finds) by visiting the thrift store during the week.

7) Ask about store credit: Some thrift stores only accept donations, but others also accept consignment items and will give you store credit for what you bring in.

8) Be careful about overdoing it: It can be very tempting to go a little crazy at the thrift store, buying several things at once. If you only need three dress shirts, don't go nuts and buy 10 or 11. That is, unless they're an extraordinary name brand at an extraordinary price!!

9) Plan to take awhile: A trip to the thrift store can take time, since you will probably have to dig around a little. Be prepared to take around an hour - or more. Best to leave the kids at home for a serious trip to the thrift store.

10) Don't forget to donate! Finally, you want the thrift store to keep going. So donate some of your unneeded items as well. Keep the cycle going, and provide great deals for others, just as they are providing them for you.

And by the way, thrift store shopping is a great way to teach older children the value of the dollar! I used to give my 12 year old $10 and go 'window shopping' at a big store like Macy's. Then we'd take the same $10 and go to a thrift store!! Now she's older - she still loves to go thrift store shopping!!

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Best Time To Go During A Movie
Best Time To Go During A Movie
February 21, 2012

At the movies? Best time to go when nature calls!

For the amount a movie costs, you don't want to miss one second. But what if you really, really have to go when nature calls? Go to, and you'll find out the best time to go during a particular movie, and what will happen on screen during those few minutes while you're taking care of business!

Check out before you head to the movies, and you'll know when to run... and pee!!

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The Ten Best Presents for Re-Gifting
The Ten Best Presents for Re-Gifting
February 6, 2012

We all do it. Regifting gifts! In fact, a survey from American Express says 79 percent of consumers believe re-gifting is socially acceptable during the holidays. The remaining 21 percent say the practice is "never" acceptable. The Queen of Cheap goes with the 79 percent!! So what are the best gifts to pass along? Here goes.....

Bottles of Wine:
One of the easiest gift to transfer hands (as long as you don't open them!.) A friend brings you a bottle for hosting them at dinner. You take that bottle to your book club's secret Santa party. No one knows the difference.

Just about everyone loves the scent of a new candle! For an extra touch, include a fancy lighter.

Kitchen Gadgets
Let that gadget get dusty in some else's kitchen drawer.

Inexpensive Jewelry
Someone's version of nice can be your version of gaudy. Just pass it along.

Not the free ones from a Hotel chain! But feel free to pass along a lotion you might not like! Just make sure the person doesn't have allergies.

Christmas decorations
As long as the item hasn't been on display in your home, Christmas ornaments, holiday mugs or a stuffed Santa can make nice re-gift options. Just don't re-gift these items after Christmas or the person will wonder if you bought it off the clearance shelf.

Just make sure it's not personalized to you! Open it first and turn the first few pages!

Board games or card games can make fun items to re-gift as long as all the pieces are intact, but remain unused.

Coffee or Tea
Coffee or tea can definitely be re-gifted, as long as it's not too old. You could also throw in some newly purchased mugs if you feel guilty.

Gift Cards
Closely examine them first to make sure no one has put you name on them! And check on the value too - to make sure it's unused!

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