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Former NFL Players File Lawsuit Against League on Concussions
Former NFL Players File Lawsuit Against League on Concussions

More than 2,000 former NFL players filed a lawsuit this morning in Philadelphia, accusing the league of concealing information linking football-related injuries to long-term brain damage.
In the biggest sports lawsuit ever, the former players allege that the "NFL exacerbated the health risk by promoting the game's violence" and "deliberately and fraudulently" misled players about the link between concussions and long-term brain injuries.
The NFL denies the claims, saying, "Any allegation that the NFL intentionally sought to mislead players has no merit. It stands in contrast to the league's many actions to better protect players and advance the science and medical understanding of the management and treatment of concussions."
But with some of the sport's household names now revealing the human price paid for all those on-field heroics, this lawsuit could change football forever. Art Monk, Jim McMahon and Mark Rypien are among the players suing not only the NFL but the entire professional football culture.
Attorneys say that even helmet maker Riddell has "a role in this." And former players say even NFL Films "glorifies football's violence."
"We knew there was going to be a chance for injury," McMahon, who led the Chicago Bears to a 1985 Super Bowl victory, told ESPN. "We didn't know about the head trauma and they [the NFL] did. That's the whole reason for the lawsuit."

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