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From Andrea Metcalf - How To Cut Down On Post-Workout Soreness
From Andrea Metcalf - How To Cut Down On Post-Workout Soreness

The good news: You grunted and shuddered through those final workout reps-and you lived! The bad news: You feel so stiff and sore the day afterward that you're walking like Frankenstein. Don't freak out! Try these five pain prescriptions.

1. Warm up.
Before your workout, you want to raise your core body temperature using dynamic movements, such as a skaters, sumo squats, and walking lunges. Warmer muscles are suppler and have a greater range of motion, which will help cut down on initial tightness.

2. Know your limits.
Training with a competitive partner may urge you to push yourself too far too quickly. Work at your own pace and remember that you can always progress later.

3. Stay fueled.
Electrolyte levels can drop when you exercise longer than 90 minutes. That sodium depletion can cause muscle soreness the following day. Sip a replenishing drink during extended sweat sessions. For shorter workouts, water will do the trick.

4. Shake it up.
Studies have shown that using a vibration machine helps reduce muscle soreness. The increased circulation helps heal tears in muscle fibers faster. Fortunately, vibration machines are way more affordable than they were years ago. Here's a reasonably-priced model that I like.

5. Roll it out.
Although gently stretching can help increase circulation, using a foam roller can directly target the sore sports.

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