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Phil Lempert
Grilling Meats 101
Grilling Meats 101

How to Grill Meats: Allow meats to "rest" before prepping and grilling. Use cuts of meat that are at least 1" thick, pre-heat grill to hot and use a thermometer to test doneness. Never leave grill unattended.

How to Buy: Buy beef that is well marbled or coat with oil or butter to seal in juices. Use New York strip, T-Bone, Porterhouse, Filet Mignon, or Sirloin. Lamb, pork, and beef all work well; chops should be 1-1 " thick. Ribs are should be well marinated. Cook chicken and turkey parts with skin on.

How to Use: On a gas grill, ignite the coals, close the hood and heat the fuel to very hot. Coals should be red and silver gray. Marinate or tenderize meats with meat mallet. Pork needs a light coating of oil to balance the lack of marbling. Pat dry (too much oil can set the meat on fire), then season. Place meat on the grill; turn only once with spatula, not a fork, to avoid loss of juice. Remove when almost finished; (meat will continue to cook to about 5 degrees). Doneness ratios: 120F to 125F, rare; 130F to 135F, medium rare; 140F to 145F, medium. Should be soft and wobbly pressed with your finger, for rare and springy for medium. Do not cook beyond 155F or meat will be too dry. Cook chicken or pork until well done, at least 160F. Cook 5-7 minutes per side, per inch for medium rare, at one-minute increments longer for thicker steaks.

How to Store: Refrigerate until ready to cook; let sit about 20-30 minutes before cooking. Refrigerate any leftover cooked meats and eat within 2 days. Refrigerate uncooked meats up to 3 days or freeze, up to 1 month.

Health Benefits: All meats and poultry are high in B vitamins, minerals and protein. Beef is high in cholesterol and fat; choose grass fed and/or pasture raised for best nutritional value, and beneficial fats.

Smarter Shopping: Flank or skirt steaks, and pork tenderloin are low-cost choices.

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