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Dad offers free beer to anyone who will hire his son
Dad offers free beer to anyone who will hire his son

An 18-year-old Australian man desperate to find work features in a classified advertisement offering his prospective employer a carton of beer a week for the next 12 months in exchange for an electrical apprenticeship.
The advertisement, placed by the man's father in his local Mackay paper last Saturday, reads:
"Free Beer. 1 Year Supply. 50 cartons in exchange for 19yo Electrical Apprenticeship for my 19yo son."
"Local. Hardworking. Reliable, Desperate.
"Not a Quitter.
"Legitimate Offer, no BS."
Nicklas McVeigh, who will turn 19 in two months, said his father came up with the idea after months of applying for apprenticeships across Queensland without success.
He said he moved from Denmark to Australia, where his father has lived his whole life, in the hope of getting a head start in a trade.
But after five months of job seeking, he was still unemployed.
"My father came up with the idea actually. He thought that as a last resort that would be a pretty good option," he said.
"We are bound to get some calls from that. It is a legit offer.
"If they are good enough and honourable and (have) an apprenticeship then yes, my father will pay for a carton of beer a week."
"It will cost around $1700, which is a worthy investment to be honest.
"Everyone loves beer. We thought it would be a good option."

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