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'American Idol' winner's family robbed
'American Idol' winner's family robbed

Poor Phillip Phillips has had a really bad week. First, last Wednesday, the Season 11 "American Idol" winner underwent a six-and-a-half-hour operation to remove the enormous kidney stones that had tortured him throughout his "Idol" run. And just a few days later, while he was recuperating from his surgery in California, the Phillips family's famous pawn shop in Albany, Georgia, was burglarized.
According to multiple reports, Albany Sporting Goods & Pawn--which was memorably featured in both Phillip's audition and homecoming "Idol" episodes--was ransacked sometime between Monday night and early Tuesday morning, with thieves running off with roughly $4,000 worth of merchandise (including jewelry, guns, and television sets) and not only the $110 that was in the cash register, but the actual cash register itself.
This appears to be a premeditated job, since TMZ reports that the store's power and phone lines were cut prior to the burglary, and a backhoe hotwired and stolen from a nearby Albany Water Gas & Light job site was used to smash open the store's back door. Twenty-five police squad cars were reportedly dispatched to the crime scene, but no arrests were made. As of this writing, there are no suspects.

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