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From Warren Eckstein - Betsy's Law: New Jersey Veterinarians Must Disclose Absence of Overnight Supervision for Hospitalized Patients
From Warren Eckstein - Betsy's Law: New Jersey Veterinarians Must Disclose Absence of Overnight Supervision for Hospitalized Patients

Passed in September 2015, this New Jersey law requires veterinarians to notify their clients if they do not provide 24-hour care for hospitalized animals.

According to Betsy's Law this notification can be accomplished by placing signage in a "conspicuous location" with the following language: "This veterinary facility does NOT provide supervision for animals after normal business hours by a person physically on these premises." The sign must be printed in a font of at least 24-point. Notification can also be performed via placing this message in a font of at least 12-point on an intake/admissions from provided to the client.

Who is Betsy?

New Jersey resident, Madeleine Kayser was present when the legislation she fought so hard for was finally signed into law. She was holding a photo of her beloved sixteen-month-old Rottweiler named Betsy who died while hospitalized overnight following eye surgery.
Kayser was told that her dog needed supervision so that she wouldn't harm her stitches. On the basis of such a recommendation, Madeleine naturally assumed that the clinic would provide nighttime staffing. Tragically, this was not the case, and Betsy died from suffocation when the collar used to prevent her from pawing at her stitches became caught on something within her enclosure. No one was there to intervene.

Following Betsy's death in 2007, Kayser performed some research and learned that 90 percent of veterinary clinics and hospitals in New Jersey do not provide 24-hour supervision. This prompted her to get to work on the legislation now known as Betsy's Law. "I'm thrilled the law was passed, but I feel there shouldn't be a need for legislation. Pets should not be neglected especially once in the vet's care. That's just the ethical way to look at it. If this law saves one pet's life, then my hard work was worth it."

Response of veterinarians

Some New Jersey veterinarians feel that Betsy's Law protects the animals they hospitalize and also protects their practices from litigation. Dr. Fritz McHugh stated, "I will even have people sign it to the effect that there's no one that will be watching their pet because my facility doesn't have 24-hour care."

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