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#GoodNews! Pizza With A Purpose
#GoodNews! Pizza With A Purpose

#GoodNews! Pizza With A Purpose

Giving real meaning to the slogan "The city of brotherly love", Rosa's Fresh Pizza in Philadelphia has a pay-it-forward system to help feed the city's homeless
27-year-old Mason Wartman left his job on Wall Street to move back home to Philadelphia to open a $1 a slice pizza shop, like the kind he frequented in Manhattan
He was struggling to keep the shop going but then something incredible happened that transformed his business and impacted the lives of homeless people in his neighborhood
Mason's story went viral and he was recently a guest on the Ellen show
He has started a website where you can pre-purchase a slice (or multiple slices) for a homeless person and a post-it note with your personal message will go up on the shop's now famous wall

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