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From Uri Geller - Autographs and Fame
From Uri Geller - Autographs and Fame

Whenever I walk in the flea market in Old Jaffa I see strange and unique objects and many a time they are displayed in a rather curious way like this one.

Walking the streets here I am always inundated by people who want my autograph and a quick selfie. But I am always happy for a photo or sign something. It's a pleasure. And let's be frank about this, it's also my job.

Since I left Israel in 1972 I could have not become well known on my own. Millions of people helped- you've joined in psychic experiments, you have flooded TV and radio stations with your calls, and of course you read my FB page!

I am an entertainer at heart, and I need an audience. That's why, if you meet me someday, I will want to know more about you than simply your name: I will ask about your family, and your ambitions, and your beliefs, and I will try to write an inscription which sums up our unique encounter.

I draw my energy from my audiences. Every time people tell me they remember a TV appearance that opened their minds, or remind me of an autograph I signed decades ago, I get a buzz of sheer positive energy, and that empowering energy I now send back to you with love!

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