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Can Romney 'connect'? Poised to clinch nomination, GOP candidate faces next test
Can Romney 'connect'? Poised to clinch nomination, GOP candidate faces next test

Mitt Romney, after weathering an onslaught of rotating primary challengers over the course of the last year, is poised to clinch the Republican presidential nomination as early as Tuesday.
In doing so, his campaign will complete its shift, from knocking off Republican rivals one by one to challenging a single Democratic opponent, President Obama.
And with the Obama campaign now pouring airtime and resources into the latest attacks on Romney's private equity experience, the GOP candidate is discovering early that one of his biggest advantages in the primaries -- his war chest -- isn't quite so impressive in the general.
The latest campaign finance figures from April underscore the financial distance between them at the unofficial start of this contest. Obama had $115 million on hand; Romney had $9.2 million.
The reality of an incumbent's -- particularly this incumbent's -- fundraising power means Romney may have to focus more on message and more on his own personal story. It's a challenging task for somebody who lacks a classic rags-to-riches tale. But Romney the family man, Romney the faithful husband and Romney the determined businessman could start to make a bigger appearance as the race turns from a test of party purity to one of personal connections.

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